Bob Geldof, Please Do Not Assist Apartheid!



(6 April 2011)

Dear Mr. Bob Geldof,

     Are you concerned that Israel refuses to comply with International Law?  What if the city or town you presently live in was under siege, (like Gaza is), and what if your town’s civilian infrastructure was destroyed in a wanton way, how would you feel if the perpetrator of these crimes also ran a State University, and that University endeavored to award an honorary degree to someone for being a fabulous humanitarian?  Wouldn’t it seem ironic (in a sinister way) that a person could be awarded such an honor by the very Government that is daily committing crimes against the place you call your home?  
     Mr. Geldof, this is the reason that you are being asked to decline the so-called “honor”from Ben-Gurion University.  To accept that award would be a direct endorsement of apartheid policies. 
     There is a way out, you can decide to refuse the award, and the reason can be that you just simply do not agree with current Israeli policies, and that Ben-Gurion Universityembodies those policies.  
     Please say “no” to apartheid, separation and racism, and support the cause for justice!

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