Islamophobia takes a Blow with “Dude, You Have no Koran”

  • 23 September 2010
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  • Will this be heard at your local techno-dance club?  Maybe on your city radio station?
    A likable shirtless skateboarder from Amarillo, Texas is not just a local hero, but he’s being watched internationally now, with tens of thousands of views of the youtube hit ‘Dude, you have no Quran!’

    Jacob Isom heard about (‘Pastor’) David Grisham’s plans to burn a Quran in a public park, and he used a no nonsense approach to halt the bizarre efforts of Grisham.  It is hard not to question Grisham’s efforts, he is well known for hate mongering.  He launched a boycott of the city of Houston because the people had elected a lesbian mayor and he has held hate-rallies against the gay members of the Amarillo community.
    The Amarillo-Globe News reported:

    Dennis Cobbins, an imam at the Islamic Center of Amarillo, said he came as an American Muslim “very concerned about what was taking place here.”

    He said he didn’t know quite what to expect when he arrived at the planned burning he described as “distasteful.” He found the amount of crowd support “a little bit overwhelming.”

    “The city we live in has zero tolerance for bigotry,” he said.

    Cobbins invited any Amarillo residents who want to learn more about Islam to attend worship at the Mosque, 601 Quail Creek Drive.

    Everything aside, Isom, known as Jake Izzy now among his thousands of fans, has become a cultural icon, you can order t-shirts with his catchy phrase on them, and over 4,500 people have already joined a Facebook Page just devoted to him.
    But is it really Isom that is the hero?  Or is it that he modeled for us all that standing against Islamophobia takes on many forms, and it can be not just cool, but fun to stand up against hate.

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