Israeli Apartheid in Ancient Historical Village of Tulkarem: Dissecting Apartheid Methods

Wednesday, November 3, 2010, under complete cover of darkness, at the sound hour of 3 AM, Israeli Apartheid Soldiers in at least five patrols, containing about 30 soldiers, entered into a peaceful sleeping village just South of Tulkarem, Kur.  The Chief Village Council, Jilal Jayussi, told reporters that they came with flash grenades and sound bombs.  (Mays Al-Azza – IMEMC & Agencies reports that heavy grenades and artillery fire were seen).The soldiers went to the western end of the village and ransacked homes, arresting the Jayyusi brothers: Ahmed, 23, Hasib, 22, Fadi,30, and Shadi, age unknown. The troops left at 7:30 a.m.

Four and a half hours of terror for these villagers, for the children who would not have been able to rest for school the next day, this is the color of racist Israeli Apartheid.  This is what the world of human conscious says “no” to every day.  This is what Americans in the United States are ashamed to say their tax dollars fund.  

Source: Wafa (Palestinian News & Information Agency)

On 11/2/2010, in TulKarem,  — There is a wanton randomness to the Israel-Style of Apartheid.  There are no explanations given, why should Israel have to explain its actions anyway?  Just 2 days ago shows an example of this concept:

Israeli Apartheid forces armed with weapons, raided the West Bank city of Tulkarem and confiscated a journalist’s ID card on Tuesday.  As many as 4 patrols were seen near the Tulkarem Agriculture Ministry Building.  Students nearby of the Khaddori University were stopped and forced to show identification.  Photojournalist Muhammad Al-Ashqar, an employee at the local Ma’an affiliate As-Salam TV who was covering the incident, said soldiers confiscated his ID and ordered him and several other reporters to leave the area.  
An Israeli military spokesman did not immediately return a call seeking comment.(Source: TULKAREM (Ma’an)

WHERE is my “one” PHONE CALL??  Apparently you do not get that in Apartheid Israel.  Why should you?  Israel is so big and strong, they do not need to provide people with human rights.  Tell that to the families of these 28 men from the village of Tulkarem. 

 — On 11/4/2010 Palestinian police detained 28 men from Tulkarem and Jericho on Thursday, all of them identified as fugitives, but not allowed to prove if they were or were not.

Among the detainees were 25 from Tulkarem, 19 who were wanted for arrest and another six who had been summoned to answer complaints. Even the photo released clearly shows that “these men will NOT be identified.”  Note how the photo is taken.

All 28 Palestinians, none of whom were identified, were to be sent to the attorney general for legal action.  (Source: JERICHO Ma’an)





Home Demolitions like this one are done under the watchful eye of the USA.  Though illegal by International Law and condemned by the major powers in the world, since Israel is only asked to stop, and never forced to stop demolitions, they continue every day.  Making countless multi-generational families homeless.  This is a big part of the Israeli-Style of Apartheid.


 One of the four brothers arrested was wearing a Palestine Solidarity Cap.  In Apartheid, showing any form of RESISTANCE is enough reason for arrest.  Israel feels no obligation to “explain” why people are taken, why children are left fatherless, why wives must suffer and push on without their husbands, it just happens.

The above photo shows the Apartheid Enforcers fully armed, walking the streets of TulKarem.  Shows of force like this are a big part of Israeli Apartheid, as people need to keep in mind how powerful Israel is (in a military way), and how WEAK they want Palestinians to feel (when it comes to pushing out collaborators like Abbas, etc.).In an obvious violation of human rights, it is clear that these men arrested will not be identified.  Families will be wondering, and “my one phone call?”  That is a privilege you will never see here.

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