OPEN LETTER to Ky-Mani Marley: The “israelis” and their occupation is an offense to Jah

30 Jan ’13
Peace, Love, and Blessings!
My dearest Bredren, Please take a moment to rethink your decision to play in the apartheid state of “israel”. Our Brothers and Sisters in Palestine as well as our Brothers and Sisters who immigrated to “israel” from our Motherlan Ithiopia, are being oppressed, humiliated, and denied any and all freedoms by the zionist entity.
Palestine has become the largest opened aired prison in the world. Truly, our Father does not look good upon those who harm His children. The “israelis” and their occupation is an offense to Jah. We, His children, are responsible for the same atrocities if we do not speak out against them or in this case promote them.
Please, my dearest Bredren, take time to meditate on this before you make a decision I believe you will one day regret.
May the Almighty Itect you and your in all your travels.

Jeff Williams is from New York, he is a RasTafarian who speaks Jamaican Patois.  His original note is here


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