Rae Abileah: Photo by Photo Analysis of May 24

  • (25 May 2011)


     25.5.2011 (Freemedia Opinion)  “Israel’s Fierce Stronghold on US Policy is Crumbling, (or at least signs of cracks in the seams are appearing)” kind of sums up what has been happening in the last 5 years, and is ever intensified now.  Young people of Jewish descent in North America are the only people who can come forward and have any hope of being listened  to by the Israeli-apartheid-loving geriatric set.  This “bad-ol’-boys club”  is revealed to you in the series of videos that Code Pink released just days ago.  People, standing up for justice, on video tape, are shown being silenced in the most violent of ways.  They could have been asked to leave, but it is clear they were not.  Instead they were forcibly assaulted and dragged out brutally.
    But perhaps the most obvious case of assault with intent to harm happened to Rae Abileah.  She appeared in a back row during Israeli leader Bibi’s speech to congress.  As our US Congress, in reverent adoration, not only sat spellbound by the Israeli war criminal, they lavished upon him a record 29 standing ovations!  Rae Abileah was there, wearing a navy tailored suit and a satin pink blouse.  She is Jewish and is from Israeli descent (her father from Israel, and Rae- born in California) and she represents the voice not only of young Jews, but of young Israeli-Americans who are saying that AIPAC does not represent them.  From the pictures released, a photo by photo analysis follows:

      ◙ In this picture, below, Rae stands up, unfurls the banner, and shouts “No More Occupation!  Stop Israeli War Crimes! Equal Rights For Palestinians!”   Notice the quick reaction of the audience member to her right and in the row below her to the right.  (It seems they are out of place, that if anyone should be asking Rae to leave it should be the guards.)


    ◙ (Below) In one picture, a man (wearing wire rimmed spectacles) who is old enough to be Rae’s father, stands up and pulls at Rae’s banner with his right hand.  The look on his face is angry.  He is pushing himself over two other people who are seated.  This man, sporting a pale blue tie, reacted so fast it makes one wonder how he could have been so quick to respond.


    ◙ In the next picture below,  the man with the pale blue tie and the wire rimmed glasses, has almost caught hold of Rae’s banner.  He has the banner in two hands, in a tug-of-war with Rae.  He has completely moved in front of the woman he was seated next to, and it is clear that he is moving quickly, note his left knee posed to move ahead, his left leg behind him.  The man to the the left of Rae, looks calm and so do the men in front of Rae.  The four men in the row in front of her are not reacting, with the exception of the bald headed man, who is waving a tight fist into the air with his left hand.  Also note the distinct shadow behind Rae.  She is very well lit up.


    ◙ Now to the third and most telling photo. (see below)  The first man in the pale blue tie, has somehow managed to move Rae, to the stairs.  His hands are on her, he’s bent forward, and the woman whom he was sitting next to is suddenly standing up, both her hands are also on Rae, she appears to be pushing Rae, her muscles are flexed.  This woman is wearing a short sleeved white top, under a grey vest.  She has shoulder-length blonde hair with a part on the left.  The balded man appears again, (he’s also wearing a pale blue tie).  This man still has his left arm in the air, the left hand still clenched into a tight fist.  The man to his right, in the red tie, turned again to see what is going on, but he is not reacting violently like the other three people have.  Also appearing is a man in a grey mottled tie and a brown frizzy beard.  This man is on the other side of the brass railing.

    • Now for Rae’s testimony:
    • “I yelled, ‘Stop the occupation, stop Israeli war crimes’ and I called out for equal rights for Palestinians.”
    • Abileah claims that immediately after her protest she was attacked by activists belonging to the Jewish lobby.
    • “They assaulted me and I fell on the floor. The activists strangled me and beat me. Then I was dragged out by police who arrested me,” she recounted. She claims she sustained injuries to the neck and shoulders which required hospitalization.”
    • After she was released from the hospital she was detained for a few hours by police.
    ◙ The last photo shows Rae in George Washington University Hospital,  with a neck brace on, and a Doctor listening to her chest.
    This whole incident is symbolic of the way the government in the USA treats dissent when it relates to criticizing Israel.  People are silenced, and then, removed.  In some cases they are actually physically harmed. 
    Rae Abileah will not be the last of the voices of dissent.  She actually is paving the way for many many more occasions where the US government  will be essentially forced to confront voices for peace.  She also reports that Brad Pittsent her his congratulations!  See Mondoweiss.  He sent Rae his love and gratitude for speaking out against Israeli war crimes to Netanyahu in congress!
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