Twisted Stories: What the Cardigans are Worth

(UPDATED on 2 August) To great fanfare and hype, the press in Israel and the official twitter of the apartheid government would not be quiet about the Cardigans concert planned for 4 August.  On 13 June we called attention to this with Apartheid Israel Government’s Twitter Machine Flaunts CARDIGANS of Sweden.

Then, suddenly, a message announcing the band’s cancellation was posted on the band’s website.  

It is great the band won’t be breaking the boycott picket line, for what that is worth.  
But in a twisted attempt to keep Israeli fans happy, and assure them that the boycott was not involved, the Israeli promoter for the band took credit for the cancellation, as seen on the band’s website.
A lack of interest by fans in Israel did not seem to be the reason for the cancellation, a quick look at the Cardigan’s Facebook announcement shows many fans had already purchased tickets and were looking forward to the concert.  (See  

A ynet article in Hebrew, however, claimed otherwise:

“מפיקי המופע בישראל החליטו לדחות את המופע המתוכנן ל-4 באוגוסט, וזאת בשל מכירת כרטיסים נמוכה לאור המצב הכלכלי במשק. ” The claim re poor tickets sales 
is being explained as the economical condition

But the band, in a bizarre attempt to disassociate itself from BDS, insisted that it was not their fault the concert was cancelled, saying:

  Sorry! Not our decision.

The twisted situation brought shock to many fans, some of whom expressed disbelief. But the comments were supportive, and if the Cardigans had cancelled due to a moral stand in support of the boycott, fans would have been much less generous. Other artists that have cancelled have endured shockingly hateful comments and threats.

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