Vintage Palestine! Photos on Facebook Show Palestinian Life in Historical Context

Mike Hanini Odetalla has put together a groundbreaking album of almost 200 pictures of “Vintage Palestine!”  He says he will continue to add photos to the album over time.

Old town Nablus, Jerusalem, daily life, homes and documentation of historical landmarks make up just part of the album.  Photos date back to the 1880’s and up to pre-1948.  Some photos came from the US Library of Congress.
Mike says

 “What started out as an angry response to Newt Gingrich’s idiotic remarks about Palestinians being “invented”, has turned into a project (a labor of love I must confess)…What you are now seeing, My “Vintage Palestine” collection of photos is the nascent “fruit” of my efforts…Hope you enjoy, reflect, and take action against the injustice of what happened and continues to happen to the indigenous natives of the Holy Land: The Palestinian Arabs!”


A collection of aerial photos of Palestine from 1917-1918 can be seen also at

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