48′ Palestinian refused to perform with an Israeli [in 2009]


17 July 2012

Normalization takes a
 blow: Thanks to Dr. Wissam Joubran, Nazareth
Below is a translation of a report on a 48′ Palestinian refusing to perform with an Israeli – it is from 2009:

Musician Resident of Nazareth Refused to Perform at Inauguration Ceremony of Barack Obama

Jacki Khoury, Haaretz, 19.01.2009

“To play at the inauguration ceremony of President Obama? No thank you.”

This was the clear answer of musician Dr. Wissam Joubran to those responsible for producing the inauguration ceremony of the elected President of the United States, which will be held tomorrow in Washington.

Dr. Joubran, a resident of Nazareth and winner of the 2004 Prime Minister’s Prize for Composers, and winner of the first place prize for encouragement of excellence of performance in the 2005 International Oud Festival, gained an international reputation after he composed numerous works for soloists, chamber music ensembles and electronic music.

In a conversation with Haaretz, Joubran related that yesterday (Saturday) in the evening he received a surprise telephone call, inviting him to perform in the inauguration ceremony of the United States president and to take part in the ball organized by the son of Reverend Martin Luther King.

Joubran said:

“The request was most surprising and it’s even possible to say complimentary, although already from the first moments I had doubts. Participation was conditioned on an Israeli singer appearing alongside me, yet such an appearance, when in Gaza there are still bodies coming out from under the ruins and the blood of hundreds of children and women is still shouting, would not be for the goal of presenting my music and art, but to attempt and present a sparkling picture of the relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel. My response was that I am not prepared to be the laundry detergent of the state of Israel in such a ceremony,”

It should be noted that the refusal of Joubran to participate in the ceremony came on the backdrop of protests by Arab singers, composers and artists against the participation of the singer Mira Awad in the Eurovision song contest together with Achinoam Nini.

Hebrew version:


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