Apartheid Israel Government’s Twitter Machine Flaunts CARDIGANS of Sweden

13 June 2012

Till this morning, I had not had the pleasure of knowing who the CARDIGANS were, even though I myself am part Swedish.   Turns out their claim to fame comes first in that they are playing the apartheid state.  The Official Twitter of the Apartheid Government of Israel had already used the band to promote a false image of normalcy which is far from the truth in Israel.  Do the CARDIGANS know about the boycott?  Do they know about the blot already on their band’s name in that now they are associated with ignoring human rights?


Well, I guess I had heard their song “Lovefool” before, back in 1995 when I was putting along the freeways in Los Angeles trying to get to my college classes (ah, the days of freedom), but I did not know about BDS then either.  Quite honestly I did not even care about anything but getting to class and the beaches.  But times have changed.  Now thousands of previously oblivious “me generation” people are part of the global movement (for the boycott of Israel) for whatever reason.  It may be they have traveled to the West Bank, it may be they just love hummus and foreign films.  It could be any number of reasons, like when I asked a videographer why he was at a protest, instead of a party, he said “Cause I think the Palestinians are the single MOST oppressed people in the world.”
Well, CARDIGANS, what happened to you?  You are also from my generation, but did you get stuck in the “me” part and find yourselves unable to emerge?  I’m sorry but there is a boycott going on, and it benefits millions of people instead of “YOU.”  In fact, if you do boycott Israel, you’ll shine like stars in the minds of many people from our generation.  Bands with a conscience are … well … just more marketable and easier to listen to.

The CARDIGANS in 1995.  Now you remember them, right?

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