Arch Enemy and BDS: F*CK the boycott & Amnesty International will go with us to Tel Aviv

24 Dec 2011

The Palestinian Freedom Riders recently highlighted Israel’s unjust apartheid policy of separate but unequal.


Will Amnesty International decide to ignore the Palestinian call for justice but to instead obey Arch Enemy’s call?  Arch Enemy is making strong claims that Amnesty International accompany them to Israel, as they break through the Palestinian picket line known as BDS.[1]


The cultural boycott is Palestine’s non-violent form of resistance to the continued oppression and apartheid inflicted on them by Israel.  Amnesty making a “show” with Arch Enemy would only serve to normalize apartheid and deflect from the need to hold Israel accountable to International Law.


Electronica musician Moby recently broke the boycott call and played for Israel’s Pic.Nic for apartheid.  Moby did not have the audacity to demand that Amnesty International be present at his concert.  Art For Amnesty lists Moby as one of their prominent supporters.[2]  That Moby broke the boycott call is appalling, but it would have been worse had he removed all references to Palestine on his facebook (he never did), and insisted on Art For Amnesty to join him in Israel, all the while, thanking Israel lobby group “Stand With Us,” and recording vocals with a pro-settler band in Israel.


Can Amnesty International maintain credibility and appear in Tel Aviv with Arch Enemy?
  • Arch Enemy has repressed all mention of the Palestinian call on their facebook, aggressively banning human rights volunteers and deleting posts.[3]
  • In a disturbing disregard for the Palestinian plight today, Arch Enemy has not responded nor acknowledged the PACBI’s letter written directly to Arch Enemy.
  • Arch Enemy’s lead singer has publicly thanked “Stand With Us.”  The “Stand With Us” twitter profile clearly shows exactly who they are.  Until pressured to remove it, the lead singer kept her tweet of thanks to SWU visible.[4]
  • Arch Enemy’s lead singer did collaborate with the pro-Zionist band Amaseffer. She did the vocals for the band’s track “Midian” in 2008.

Amnesty set a precedent in 2009.  They chose to withdraw from Leonard Cohen’s concert in Israel.[5]  Depending on which way the pendulum swings, Amnesty will either choose to maintain the precendent they set in 2009, or they will choose to ignore the Palestinian call for boycott, creating a setback in the fight for human rights. Hopes are high that Amnesty will simply refrain.


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