Batsheva Tour USA: Tickets to see Israel propaganda effort 50% off

10 March 2012

On twitter, the pricey tickets to see the apartheid state dancers in Chicago were going for 50% off.  In Austin, the venue is the Bass Concert Hall, and orchestra seats go for $364-$637 each with balcony seats from $186-$211.  Look for twitter discounts to see the apartheid dancers for 50% off in Austin too.  (20 March, 8 pm)  The local Palestine Solidarity Committee in Austin signed onto a letter asking the Israeli dancers to break their ties to the funding by the gov’t of Israel.  Batsheva declined to stand up for human rights.


Batsheva in NY faced a creative protest by Adalah-NY.  The Palestinian Dabke Brigades and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra joined together outside of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Batsheva used music from Star Wars in their performance, and so did the human rights and justice volunteers.  Here is their rendition of the struggle between good and evil!


Enjoy the “mock programs” passed out to attendees. 

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