California to Massachusetts: Solidarity for Palestine Alive & Well

California to Massachusetts: Solidarity for Palestine Alive & Well

HIGHLIGHTS of Israel Apartheid Week across the USA, May 2011:



  • University of California, Irvine – “Palestine: An Invisible Nation”

    : The program featured at least two speakers who expressed support for free elections in Palestine  during their talks. One, Amir Mertaban, used the term “freedom fighters” to describe those who oppose the puppet-leader Abbas, and Michael Prysner, an activist with an antiwar ANSWER Coalition, responded to a question about his support for free elections with: “I am in support of all those standing in the way of U.S. imperialism.” Prysner’s speech was particularly poignant , and included showing how Israel is committing a Holocaust against the Palestinians, describing Zionism as a “bastardization” of Judaism and showing how Israel is just a “proxy” of the U.S. Another speaker named Matan Cohen, a former activist with the Israel-based Anarchists Against the Wall, claimed that most Israelis want “segregation” and separation and that Israel is not really a democracy. He also expressed support for a one-state solution.  Neturei Karta leader Yisroel Dovid Weiss, of Rabbis for Palestine, despite being introduced by the organizer as a representative of a minority view in the Jewish community, claimed that rabbis in every community oppose Zionism and that he represents the true Jewish religion and Jews around the world. He explained how true observant Jews are not supporters of Israel.

  • University of Maryland – “Palestinian Solidarity Week”:  The event featured a mock apartheid wall display titled, “The Wall Must Fall,” a comparison of the Berlin Wall to Israel’s illegal apartheid wall. There was also a session about Israeli Apartheid and a speech by Norman Finkelstein condemning Israel’s actions during the 2008-9 Gaza war. The event was organized by the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter on campus.
  • Brandeis University – “Israeli Occupation Awareness Week”:Jewish Voice for Peace and SJP chapters co-sponsored a program featuring speeches by Noam Chomsky and Diana Buttu, a former PLO lawyer who legally proves Israeli policy as apartheid. The program also included a music performance by the wildly popular Palestinian rap group DAM whose lyrics support human rights through rap and hip hop.
  • UCLA – “Palestine Awareness Week”: The weeklong program featured a mock apartheid wall and checkpoints on campus, as well as speeches by Alison Weir and Hatem Bazian.”
    (A glance at the atrocious apartheid wall that locks up those whose only fault is they are not “Jewish.”  Children, working dads, grandparents, moms, and anyone who Israel deems “unfit” is subject to harsh apartheid)

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