DaitoCrea former Japanese agent of AHAVA respects the Boycott

23 Feb 2012

VICTORY: Japanese distributor drops Ahava cosmetics after learning of company’s illegal practices. #BDS

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This morning we received a message from our coalition partners at the Palestine Forum Japan. The Japanese agent/distributor of Ahava cosmetics will no longer be selling the product. See below for full details.

Good news from Japan!
DaitoCrea, Japanese agent of AHAVA, announced on their website
that they have ended the sales of AHAVA cosmetics
in January 31, 2012.

This decision is the result of the almost two years boycott-campaign,
in which we demanded to stop the dealings with
AHAVA, which produces their goods in the illegal settlement
located in the occupied Palestine.

An executive of the DaitoCrea before told us that they didn’t know
the political background of the AHAVA when they started
the dealings of AHAVA cosmetics.

After we informed the company about illegality of AHAVA goods
and its relation to the sufferings of Palestinians,
through the letter writing campaign, advocacy through internet
and the direct meeting with them,
they finally decided to stop the dealing with AHAVA.

In the campaign, we espacially emphasised the problem of
the labeling “Made in Israel” on their goods in accordance with
Japanese consumer law.

In May 2010, we had a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and they confirmed that if the label of goods made in
Israeli settlements write “Made in Israel,” it couldn’t be appropriate.
This should be another pressure to the company.

We published the “declaration of victory” on our campaign site:
(English version is now under preparation.)

This is the second victory of BDS campaign in Japan after the
cancel of the MUJI’s plan to advance into Israel in 2010.

Palestine Forum Japan

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