Faithfull Proclaims Love for Stolen Dead Sea Salts

Faithfull Proclaims Love for Stolen Dead Sea Salts

Sadly, we announce that Marianne Faithfull has taken the “complicated” route.  She did indeed perform in Israel.  Then she granted the Israeli Press an interview (see translation/link below).  She states “Every time I come to Israel Shuki (Shuki Weiss) brings me a lot of salts from the Dead Sea.”  Shuki Weiss, the Israeli concert booking agent, seems to have provided Faithfull with Dead Sea Salts,  which are also the subject of a huge boycott.  AHAVA is well known for its theft of land and sea salts from regions that are legally owned by Palestinians.  Illegal colonies are the leaders in sea salt mining and processing.  The Israeli settler’s theft and outright disregard for Palestinian human rights is a major reason why people all over the world know to boycott “Sea Salts” with the stamp of “made in Israel.”  Faithfull has so qualms about granting an interview to a reporter who calls her a “deranged aunt who you always talked about behind her back, and never came for Passover,” she just loves those sea salts from Shuki because “they are more powerful when they come from Israel.”

Marianne Faithfull in Tel Aviv: “I fantasize about quitting”

Sunday 16 October 2011 15:26 by: Name Hguel

Singer with the gravelly voice tired of answering questions about Mick Jagger, but really not tired of talking about Serge Gainsbourg and if only she had time she went to sunbathe in the Dead Sea


Just do not ask her about the Rolling Stones

Marianne Faithfull (Photo: Guy Frivs)



It happened at the Dan Tel Aviv, an old-fashioned parlor near the bar. A handful of journalists, waiting to meet with the legend of rock and roll alive and breathing. No whiskey, no vodka, not gin and tonic is not even. Only freshly squeezed orange juice served with a sour taste of irony .  The collective feeling is we missed the party.  So Marianne Faithfull came from the lobby, from a distance she may look like a deranged aunt who you always talked about behind her back, and never came for Passover, but up close, like any great player, great Faithfull Cluj – up. Holding her age and posing for photographers efficiently.  But Faithfull, it was not working, it’s probably her natural physical state. She’s a Mom baroness, a descendant of Austro-Hungarian nobility, Faithfull has always perceived as a kind of aristocracy from the gutter. Even when she lost everything – her blue blood streamed in her arteries.

Marianne Faithfull (64) has already had quite a few metamorphoses; Catholic girl became an English folk singer with a voice of innocent angels, she became the first woman and the wild of the “Rolling Stones” and then rolled to heroin, cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes.

The rise and Fall of Faithfull is extreme, she knew the mythology of the music world. After five years in the spotlight, with the pop hits that brought her success and money when very young, Faithfull had found herself living in the streets of Soho, abandoned apartments in London, junkie member. She told herself again – 85, shot heroin for the last time, after her heart stopped, she thought that the last page of her story was written – but she came back to life. Years which has fostered a death wish ended right then.

In 1979, after two studio albums in the 70’s weak, she returned to the music with a new sound, new sound and powerful presence.

Such music industry did not know before. Broken English is a milestone in women’s artistic eloquence, this blunt and provocative. Faithfull’s story so intriguing and channeled her musical career was seen as a bit player, playing a background sound for years. But with 20 studio albums since the mid-60th to the last in 2011 (Horses and High Heels), it remains one of creating interesting and renewing.I keep your music continues to find out I did not know 
“I know. There are so many, I know … it’s because I work so many years.” Body work “a huge mine. Did not notice it while you work. I just put one foot before the other … there are so many things I find now. I raised my Facebook “lola rastaquou? re” … know? It’s great, it’s a song made ​​for an album tribute Serge Geinsborg … It’s just extraordinary. No one knows this because it is the What a tribute album of Serge Geinsborg forgotten. It was a great album … I heard this morning, and I do not want to sound cocky, but I’m afraid it’s true – this is a really good recording. ”

What was your relationship Serge Geinsborg? 
“I knew him well. I do with film, he directed me. We were not lovers or something like that but we were very good friends. And I miss him terribly. First time I met him, in 1964, I was just a little girl and he seemed much older than his age . did not know him before, I thought he was a poet. He was deep in the section of “Rambo”, very moody and dark … it was a pose, of course, but after I knew him well saw that he really was not. but really enjoy it, this time I first saw someone this pose, and does it so well. His son, Lulu, recorded a tribute album to Serge now (coming out in December) and I also appear on this album … I sang “We “….”

Faithfull sings a line from the song and beaming: “That’s a great song … I live in Paris, I met with Jane (Birkin). The Geinsborg is part of my life”.

In the past you lived in Ireland, Why did you move to Paris? 
“Because of the warm wind in my hair, of course … This is an amazing city to live in it. I’m still holding a small house in Ireland and pay taxes there. But I always felt that after my time on earth, I lived in Paris.”

Do you think this is the last stop? 
“No, not yet. But I’m trying to place myself where I want to be.”

The last album (Horses and High Heels) wrote seven songs, you think of releasing an album full of songs you wrote? 
“(Torn laughter) is very unlikely … I’m lazy. I had a creative roadblock years, but even I could not pull the” checkpoint creative “forever. So the last album I was just fucking have to do it. I do not know what happened, but suddenly I opened the checkpoint. The songs started coming out of me when we were working on the album. I may be writing new songs lately. I’m not going to record the next two years, but I’ve written three new songs. ”

In my opinion they are the better songs in the album 
“They’re songs best album, I know. But do not forget it’s also fucking album of the Wilner. And he did not really want to make an album of my songs, he wants to drown his stamp on the album. I had 2 more songs of my own record but is not God loved them … I had a good friend, and he did a lot for me but I’m not going to record with him again. I recorded with him for 3 albums … He’s too selfish. is not really a producer, he likes to do his own albums. He Otter. .. and that’s exactly what I do not want. I love him, I am grateful but it’s over ”

Who chose the covers albums with God? 
“He chose and I chose, but my guy is brilliant songs. There were some I did not like … I want to do” Love Song “, it was my choice. But” the Station “was God’s idea, it’s such a great song. Hfiiborit of samples is “That’s How Every Empire Falls.”

I just leaned to ask her on a cover she did for Morrissey album before, but now come to tell us that our time is up. Then Marianne takes over coolly and gravelly voice whispers in her soft, “Do not treat her darling.”

Who you choose to cover Dear God Please Help Me? 
“I think it was actually a choice of both. Usually I go to the songs more interesting and obscure. But I love Morrissey, I do not see him often but I really like him. Once again, like Ginsburg, I like the spectacle martyr of the poet. I love the poses … it amuses me. ”

On what question I was really tired of you meet? 
“I just got a new law – I’m not talking more about” Rolling Stones “. I’m very proud to be part of this generation. I am grateful for” As Tears Go By “, and I am very proud that I was involved, not only with Hsotns, even with the Beatles , then is the Who “, Eric Clapton, Beach Boys, Frank Zappa … I knew all these people. I was part of this history and I knew it.”

You better watch your eyes or an active partner? 
“Watching. That I was very young. I looked very pretty and just looked around me.”

When she pulls out a cigarette, I tell her that just wanted to ask you if she still smokes. “Yes. I’ll have to smoke after the interview with you. But I loved it. Do you have more questions ?…”. Time was running, I thought to ask what she thought about Gilad Shalit, the impressions Bflstin about anti-Semitism and the Iranian bomb, but gave up the populist practice.

It’s your sixth visit to Israel, you have a favorite place you go back to him when you get to Israel? 
“I really liked the sea salt, if I had time and money I would go on vacation at the Dead Sea. It’s great for me, because I have arthritis. Every time I come to Israel Shuki (Shuki Weiss) brings me a lot of salts from the Dead Sea. Can not get them too Paris, but somehow they are more powerful when they come from Israel. But this year I do not have time, I return to Paris on Wednesday and then from there to Basel for three concerts. I’m very busy, very busy … not for me to take a break and lie at the Dead Sea … I wish I could “.

Do you have fantasies about quitting? 
“(Laughs) Yes, I fantasize about it. But it’s not gonna happen … I love my job. And it took me years to get this kind of success. I’m certainly not going to throw it away. I have plenty to offer … I You know that. ”

After that we went out to smoke together.

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