Israeli Tourism Ministry brings African Americans to Israel to promote false “sexy” image

16 May 2012
Mekhi Phifer (above, middle) and other celebrities took turns posing with young female IDF soldiers, in an obvious effort to cover up the horrendous crimes by the IDF with a misleading “sexy” image.  

16 May, 2012 (Freemedia) African Americans are making inroads into awareness of Israel’s entrenched policy of apartheid. Alice Walker set sail to Gaza to break to siege, Cassandra Wilson courageously says NO to becoming a trophy on Israel’s shelf.  Professor Robin D.G. Kelley vocalizes loud and clear that BDS is the way towards justice.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar refuses to screen his film as an Israeli state sponsored film screening.

Responding to this trend among African Americans, three more artists of African American descent in Hollywood were recent targets of the Israeli Tourism Ministry and the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry.  A fully paid trip for Omar Epps and his wife Keisha Epps,  Holly Robinson Peete, and Mekhi Phifer was completed just days ago.
The notion that apartheid is somehow sexy was used to disseminate a false Israel to the Hollywood set.  Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein, according to the Jerusalem Post, remarked “Israel has become a very sexy destination. You’re the best ambassadors for the State of Israel.”
Mekhi Phifer and other celebrities took turns (see photo above) posing with young female IDF soldiers, in an obvious effort to cover up the horrendous crimes by the IDF with a misleading “sexy” image.
Holly Robinson Peete was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as saying “There is a sense of compassion in Israel that doesn’t exist in America,” after being taken to a site for autism studies.  Of course Holly Robinson Peete was not made aware of how Israel incarcerates Palestinians without charge in administrative detention.  While she was busy posing for photos the Israeli Army remained busy enforcing segregation and racist policies that Archbishop Desmond Tutu has routinely spoken out against.
Omar Epps and Mekhi Phifer danced in a circle at the Western Wall, and ate a Shabbat meal with Martin and Rivka Rappaport and their 10 children living as settlers in Jerusalem on stolen land.  The Jerusalem Post quoted Phifer as saying  “…I didn’t expect that emotional connection at the Wall”  Epps and Phifer were not made aware of Israel’s Jim Crowe policies that are eroding away life for Palestinians in Jerusalem.  The chants of “death to arabs,” has they been heard by Peete, Epps and Phifer, might have reminded them of the infamous lynch mobs.
These heavily financed all expenses paid propaganda tours only expose the desperation of apartheid Israel to create a false image of the failing Zionist entity amongst a group of people who know all to well about segregation and racism.  Justice and equal rights are the goals of the BDS movement, and just as African Americans fought for that in the not so distant past, people around the globe join in solidarity with Palestinians in their desire for equal rights.
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