Oumou Sangare Refuses to Sing in Israel

Oumou Sangare Refuses to Sing in Israel



The global BDS movement joyously welcomes the decision of French singer Oumou Sangare to refuse to sing in Israel.

Her cancellation was reported on the BDS France website.

The French singer was asked by several groups to refrain from her 9 December at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.
  • BDS France informed her that “…We are surprised that you, who are both committed to respect for human dignity, go to a concert in a country that violates international law for many years.
    Oumou Sangare, you know that while hundreds of music lovers will enjoy your voice in Tel Aviv, there are thousands of others who are deprived because relegated behind a wall of separation.”
  • DPAI wrote …”Oumou Sangare…Don’t Close your eyes to torment” in a direct reference to the painting (below)  “…The pain Israel inflicts on Palestinian women and children is well represented in children’s artwork and in the piece of artwork entitled ‘Torment’ by Najah. “
  • BDS Italy  wrote to Sangare “…You once said, “I speak of the women of Africa and of the whole world. I fight for the improvement of women’s situation. So I sing her cause.” We ask you to continue singing for her cause, the mother, wife, sister and daughter, but not in the country whose very policies deny Palestinian women the rights you have fought so hard to defend. “

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