UPDATE: Cathy Jordan & Dervish Honor the Cultural Boycott of Israel

30 April 2012


2 May 2012 UPDATE:  Lead singer for Dervish, upon arrival back from the USA, writes

I abhor all violence for whatever reason. I loathe any violations of people’s human rights and dignity, and I believe that all citizens have the right to live in peace, free from persecution. I’m an idealist, a pacifist, a humanitarian.

for full text see http://www.facebook.com/dervishofsligo/posts/10150870699041341)


NOTE:  Avshalom Farjun in Israel was in part the organizer of this shameful attempt to normalize or coexist without demanding a change to the Israeli governments policy of apartheid.  As sweet and kind as Avshalom appears, he is part of a greater effort to normalize the staus quo.  And in the meantime, the CCFP continues to seize all opportunities to use artists who perform in Israel as a means to brand Israel in a false way.  Read about Avshalom Farjun on page 73 in this document http://www.biu.ac.il/hu/mu/min-ad/8-9-II/05-Dardashti-Sing_us_a_Mawal.pdf
“As I will demonstrate, however, because of the global interest in the Arab/Israeli conflict, the political and cultural framing of this repertoire is often key to the music’s appeal to potential funders, both
domestically and internationally, and determines its success in the marketplace” (page 63)


Original Post:


The Irish group Dervish has come forward with a courageous decision to stand up for Palestinians and the cultural boycott.  Their note on their facebook states:

Dervish wish to announce they will not be taking part in the Irish music concert series in Israel this June.
Our original decision to participate in the concerts was, like all our tours and appearances, completely non-political.
The organiser of the shows is a musician and friend of the band for many years. He has worked to bridge divides between people through music for much of his life. These concerts were organised in this same spirit.
At the time we agreed to these performances we were unaware there was a cultural boycott in place.
We now feel that we do not wish to break this boycott.
Our decision to withdraw from the concerts reflects our wish to neither endorse nor criticise anyone’s political views in this situation.
Dervish are a grouping of like musical minds, we are not a political party.
Our motivation as a band has always been and will continue to be our love of music.


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