Zdob şi Zdub will NOT play Israel on 5 November

10/25/11 A resounding “thanks” goes out to members of the punk band Zdob şi Zdub for deciding to cancel their concert in Israel.  They were scheduled to play in Tel Aviv on 5 November 2011. Israeli Auris Media as well as the bands own page both report the concert is cancelled.  If the Moldavian punk rockers decide to issue a statement to the press regarding the cancellation, we will be sure to publish that.

When bands decide to cancel their concerts, they usually do so with great thought.  It was assumed that Zdob şi Zdub was unaware of the global call for a cultural boycott of Israel.  Many bands are unaware of the existence of the “PACBI.”  The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel has issued a call for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.
On September 25, the USACBI published a letter, asking humanitarians to gently inform Zdob şi Zdub about the boycott call:

 …The chances are high that when they (Zdob şi Zdub) contracted to play in Israel, they were not informed of the boycott.  Usually, the only way bands can often be contacted are through their booking agents or management. Punk bands are noted for making stands against government oppression.  Punk bands are not known for breaching boycotts or crossing picket lines that exist for causes like human rights and justice.  It can only be assumed that these punkers from Moldavia are not aware of the boycott because they have not been contacted.  The BDS movement has not taken hold in Modavia or Russia, and apparently it needs much wider exposure in the Netherlands and the USA…

The letter then encouraged people seeking justice for Palestinians to contact the band’s management, stating:

 Please participate in letting this band know what they are probably unaware of, that there is a cultural boycott on now of Israel.  They they are being asked to respect this global call.

 We encourage Zdob şi Zdub to learn more about
  •  the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions),
  • the status of Palestinian refugees who live deprived of their land in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and more…
  • the open-air prison called the Gaza Strip, encasing over 1 million Palestinians and patrolled and bombed by man-less drones
  • the 2010 massacre on the flotilla: in international waters, Israel massacred 9 peace activists.
  • the racist policies that make life unbearable for Palestinians who hold Israeli ID cards, and who make up 20% of Israel’s population
  • the illegal, apartheid wall, that separates families from each other, from their own land, from water, and often from the jobs they “once had”
  • the illegal raids, in which children are seized, and families are terrorized, by Israeli forces, in the West Bank

We are certain that after learning more about why there is a boycott against Israel’s apartheid state, Zdob şi Zdub will choose to not reschedule their concert, as their gig page indicates.

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