Alanis Morissette, WHY?, Apoptygma Berzerk: Trio Flaunted by Israel State Twitter

UPDATE: 22 Oct. Alanis Morissette has scheduled a concert for 3 Dec in Tel Aviv.  Since she has confirmed and tickets are for sale, she is being asked to cancel, respecting human rights and the boycott.

UPDATE:  26 Sept.  Human rights volunteers have set up a facebook page, titled Alanis Morissette: You oughta know it’s apartheid , the page can be found at this link:  
The apartheid state of Israel’s official government twitter is busy counteracting the boycott by using this latest trio of artists to promote a false image of normalcy which is far from the truth in Israel.

Does Apoptygma Berzerk know about the boycott?  Do they know about the blot already on their band’s name in that now they are associated with ignoring human rights?  Great measures are taken in order to ensure bans will ignore the boycott, some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry vow to support the apartheid state.

Is Alanis Morissette aware her good name is being associated with what the UN Committee 2012 concluded was a system equivalent to apartheid?  Does she know that Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters asked his colleagues in the music industry to support the boycott?  Even though Morissette has not yet added Tel Aviv to her event list, the apartheid state twitter hungrily uses her name, and probably plans to do so multiple times until December.

Is Berkeley California based WHY? in agreement with the reasons why the government of one of the least popular states on earth took the time to tweet out their name?  Though WHY? (as of this date) have not even listed Tel Aviv on their tour schedule, the Israeli government eagerly tweets that they willl play in Israel, and will likely tweet this now for months to come.

More #artsapproprated at

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