Israel Uses Alicia Keys in Apartheid State Tweet, CCFP


Both the Official Twitter of the state of Israel and the CCFP have used Alicia Keys’ name in an attempt to promote tourism in the apartheid state.  Though tourists and Israeli citizens will be able to attend the concert, MILLIONS of Palestinians in Gaza under siege and in the Occupied West Bank won’t be able to.  Economic Israel of the consulate in San Francisco and the Israeli consulate in Atlanta,  Georgia also retweeted.



Musicians are being asked to boycott the CCFP (creative Community for Peace) by AAA:

One of CCFP’s founders, Steve Schnur, wants artists to know “what Israel is really about – the freedom, the democracy and equal rights”, but CCFP does not acknowledge that more than 30 laws racially discriminate against Palestinians and anyone the state does not deem to be “Jewish”.

CCFP wishes to make the claim that “art transcends politics” but is engaged heavily in political propaganda on behalf of an apartheid state. The only artist known to be included in CCFP’s advisory board is Idan Raichel, a self-proclaimed cultural ambassador who stated: “We certainly see ourselves as ambassadors of Israel in the world, cultural ambassadors, hasbara ambassadors, also in regards to the political conflict.”

Alicia Keys, don’t let Israel use you, just refrain.

More #artsapproprated at

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