#useme Yanni Do You Really Support Israel?


Greek pianist Yanni probably does not know his good name is fair game now to the Israeli government and Israeli consulates everywhere (Israeli embassy Athens also tweeted)

Yanni has a great compassionate heart, any anyone who loves Panda bears knows that, he was the sponsor behind the Panda adoption kit in 2012 in which he raised 50,000 for the protection of Panda bears.

Would he want to be used in this insidious way as a cover up for Israel’s policy of segregation of the Palestinian people?  As Israel keeps millions under siege in Gaza, continues to occupy the West Bank with a ruthless military, Yanni is expected to fly into Tel Aviv and perform to a “certain” audience.

Yanni, don’t be used in this way, join in this global human rights effort!  Say NO.

More #artsapproprated at http://imgur.com/a/b1Yak

One thought on “#useme Yanni Do You Really Support Israel?”

  1. Yanni loves to perform for such kind of countries… He performed in Russia for Putin who is attacking Ukraine, while all the Ukrainian concerts being cancelled because of a “terrorism” and “instability” there, started by Putin. But Yanni does not care about that. He cares only about popularity and money. All his endless tours is about earning more and more money. His musicians are too afraid to be fired to say a word against that shit.

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