Apartheid Israel Twitter Lies, Uses Depeche Mode

Apartheid Israel Official twitter is so desperate to appropriate art for its purposes, that it lies and tweets that Depeche Mode kicked off their world tour in Tel Aviv on May 7.  Nice, France was the location for the kick-off of off their world Delta Machine tour on May 4.  Meanwhile, Depeche Mode announced on facebook:
(From May 3) The Delta Machine Tour starts tomorrow in Nice. Be sure to watch our Tumblr page for a live blog from the show! http://depechemode.tumblr.com/
(from May 4) We’ll be live blogging shortly from Nice, FR from the first show of the Delta Machine tour. Follow along athttp://depechemode.tumblr.com/.
(from May 5)  if you missed last night’s live blog of the Nice tour kick-off, check out our Tumblr:  http://depechemode.tumblr.com/ “
(from May 6) As part of their partnership with charity: water and Hublot, DM will be donating their birthdays this summer to help bring clean water to people in developing countries. Check out the campaign page to take part and join in with DM. http://www.charitywater.org/depechemode
(from May 7the day they play apartheid israel, they make NO MENTION of their concert in Tel Aviv, instead posting about future gigs)  North American fans: DM will be headlining this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL). 3 day festival passes on sale May 7 at 10am Central Time. [and] Depeche Mode will be headlining the after-race concert at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 3rd, 2013.
(from May 12)  Depeche Mode posts “Sofia, Bulgaria – 12/5/13” alongside a photo of their gig in Sofia.
On the Depeche Mode twitter account, Israel is also clearly and conspicuously absent.  Multiple tweets are made of the fact that the tour is kicking off in Nice, France.
Although Depeche Mode did play in Tel Aviv, they did not show pictures of their concert or even mention it on facebook or twitter.  Also, no photos of the Israel concert were shown on their Tumblr.  On May 4, they are shown breaking down their stage from their gig in Nice, with the comment   “Load out already well under way. Next stop… TEL AVIV!”  But then later there are no references made to Tel Aviv nor pictures.
This strongly suggests that Depeche Mode purposely left out these images and references in respect of the boycott movement that had spent months informing the band and its management of reasons for the band to cancel their gig,  along with the phenomenal news that Roger Waters supports the boycott of Israel, and then the colossal news that Stephen Hawking added his name to the list of boycotters of the apartheid entity.

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