Survey Shows View of Israel on Steady Decline


(above) Valentines day at Max Brenner Chocolate Store brings opportunity for Boston patrons to be educated about apartheid Israel, its policies of segregation, racism.

Public opinion of the apartheid state of Israel  is on a steady decline.  

The only holdouts left in those surveyed are the USA, Ghana and Kenya, where Israel is falsely seen as being a more positive force than negative one in the world.   Still, 41% of Americans surveyed feel Israel has a more negative than positive influence.  That number is growing every year, showing that Israel’s Public Relations [PR] campaign, though millions are spent on it, is not effective enough to counter the grassroots efforts by volunteers to let people know about Israeli apartheid and the effect on the Palestinian people.

Notably, very few in  Japan [3%], Germany [8%] and Spain [4%] see Israel as having any positive influence.  

Overall,  only North Korea, Iran and Pakistan are seen as having a more negative influence than Israel.  Its interesting that Israel is grouped together with North Korea, Iran and Pakistan in this opinion poll.

Click to enlarge or link to original survey below.

survey 2013


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