Pro Israeli Press Appropriates Tom Jones’ Legendary Artistic Talent

UPDATE:  A petition has been launched by Cardiff PSC in Wales, asking Tom Jones to cancel his gig , see

Why would a Tom Jones concert ever be considered a strong political act?

Answer:  It would if he plays in Israel.  It would be broadcast by the Israeli regime that he personally supports Israel, as has been done with previous artists who have breached the boycott.

The Israeli press has already aggressively appropriated his artistic talent, using him to normalize apartheid.  Here are some of the many examples found online:

Pop Legend Tom Jones to perform in Israel for the first time since 1997! –Jerusalem Online, your link to Israel

My, my, my. Tom Jones said to be coming to Israel –The Jerusalem Post

Tom Jones to wrap up Israel’s ‘summer of nostalgia’The Times of Israel


Tom Jones to perform in Israel in October: One of most popular British singers from 1960s to this day signs contract for one concert in Tel Aviv – Ynet News

The Twitter arm of the State of Israel tweets: Tom Jones (@RealSirTomJones) to perform in #Israel in October.

With the boycott of Israel growing by musicians who are anti-apartheid, it becomes hard for Israel to lure artists.  Tom Jones may not be aware of the boycott but soon he will be, as a concerted human rights campaign (see is calling on him to cancel his concert.


Palestinian art depicting the horror of the 1948 Nakba.

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