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Survey Shows View of Israel on Steady Decline


(above) Valentines day at Max Brenner Chocolate Store brings opportunity for Boston patrons to be educated about apartheid Israel, its policies of segregation, racism.

Public opinion of the apartheid state of Israel  is on a steady decline.  

The only holdouts left in those surveyed are the USA, Ghana and Kenya, where Israel is falsely seen as being a more positive force than negative one in the world.   Still, 41% of Americans surveyed feel Israel has a more negative than positive influence.  That number is growing every year, showing that Israel’s Public Relations [PR] campaign, though millions are spent on it, is not effective enough to counter the grassroots efforts by volunteers to let people know about Israeli apartheid and the effect on the Palestinian people.

Notably, very few in  Japan [3%], Germany [8%] and Spain [4%] see Israel as having any positive influence.  

Overall,  only North Korea, Iran and Pakistan are seen as having a more negative influence than Israel.  Its interesting that Israel is grouped together with North Korea, Iran and Pakistan in this opinion poll.

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Japan Says “Bye-Bye Kitty”


Japan Says “Bye-Bye Kitty”


The little pink icon, Hello Kitty, is not so cute when so closely associated with apartheid Israel.  You may want to veer away from Hello Kitty back-to-school items until Sanrio withdraws its contract to allow Leader Brands of Israel to open as many as 18 stores in Israel.

Palestine solidarity is indeed a global movement.  I recently had the chance to visit Japan.  Staying in a university town there, I had the rare opportunity to meet with a representative of the BDS movement in Japan.  As we sat in a small cafe near a huge Buddhist temple, I thought about how far-reaching the BDS movement really is!

Japan’s BDS movement had a big victory when the Muji retail store recently backed out of a contract to open a store in Israel.  Muji’s customers, who often patronized the store for its “environmentally conscious” stand, were invaluable in the campaign, they rallied with the BDS movement, and with skits, letters and phone calls, the store got the message:  “Its not environmentally conscious to break the call to boycott Israel. “

A campaign in the works in Japan is now called “Bye Bye Kitty.”  The famous Hello Kitty parent company is based in Japan.

  • Sanrio was asked not to open stores in Israel.
  • The reasons for boycott and the clear violations of International Law by Israel, as well as the call of the BDS movement ( were explained to Sanrio, prior to the opening of their first store in Israel.
  • Sanrio did issue a response, that it would still seek to do business with Leader Brands in Israel.  The first store was opened in Givatayim in late June, 2011.

The Japanese BDS movement anticipates a campaign that will gain momentum at a slow steady pace.  Japan is reeling from the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and the tsumani that killed over 18,400 people.  452,000 people are still living in temporary shelters.  Humanitarian efforts are focused on helping these victims.  Also, Sanrio’s customer base includes young busy parents, they are often hard to reach with the BDS message.
One thing is for certain, though, as long as the Kitty is in Israel, Sanrio cannot market her as an ethically conscious product.  Many other back-to-school options exist, and Bye-Bye Kitty will not go away until Sanrio closes its present store in Givatayim and pulls out of Israel.

Classic JAPAN: Flowers From Israel Support Apartheid

Classic JAPAN: Flowers From Israel Support Apartheid

Urgent Petition Campaign from Japan BDS:
Classic Japan, Don’t buy Agrexco – Don’t support Occupation! month, Israel exporter company Agrexco went bankrupt
because of the world wide BDS campaign for the company’s long
and deep involvement with the illegal settlements in the Occupied
Palestine. (see

But now a Japanese flower import company is going to buy the fallen Agrexco
with two other Israeli company for 40 million NIS, to make
the Apartheid business survive.

We ask you urgently to sign the petition below to put pressure on
the company to divest from the Apartheid business.
Don’t buy Agrexco – Don’t support Occupation

Please send protest messages directly to the company:

Classic Japan Ltd. President, Mr. Yoshihiko Nishio
Tel: 03-3264-5558
Fax: 03-3264-5246

There is nothing FLOWERY about apartheid.
Flowers grown on illegally stolen land were so shunned in Europe that the BOYCOTT of them and many other produce, created the setting for a bankrupt AGREXCO.

DaitoCrea former Japanese agent of AHAVA respects the Boycott

23 Feb 2012

VICTORY: Japanese distributor drops Ahava cosmetics after learning of company’s illegal practices. #BDS

posted 5 hrs ago  SOURCE

This morning we received a message from our coalition partners at the Palestine Forum Japan. The Japanese agent/distributor of Ahava cosmetics will no longer be selling the product. See below for full details.

Good news from Japan!
DaitoCrea, Japanese agent of AHAVA, announced on their website
that they have ended the sales of AHAVA cosmetics
in January 31, 2012.

This decision is the result of the almost two years boycott-campaign,
in which we demanded to stop the dealings with
AHAVA, which produces their goods in the illegal settlement
located in the occupied Palestine.

An executive of the DaitoCrea before told us that they didn’t know
the political background of the AHAVA when they started
the dealings of AHAVA cosmetics.

After we informed the company about illegality of AHAVA goods
and its relation to the sufferings of Palestinians,
through the letter writing campaign, advocacy through internet
and the direct meeting with them,
they finally decided to stop the dealing with AHAVA.

In the campaign, we espacially emphasised the problem of
the labeling “Made in Israel” on their goods in accordance with
Japanese consumer law.

In May 2010, we had a meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and they confirmed that if the label of goods made in
Israeli settlements write “Made in Israel,” it couldn’t be appropriate.
This should be another pressure to the company.

We published the “declaration of victory” on our campaign site:
(English version is now under preparation.)

This is the second victory of BDS campaign in Japan after the
cancel of the MUJI’s plan to advance into Israel in 2010.

Palestine Forum Japan