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Neil Young USED to musicwash the apartheid state, Israel

Two of Israel’s Embassies have resorted to using Neil’s Young’s planned concert in the apartheid state to musicwash its tarnished image.  Here are two screenshots of Israel’s Canadian Embassy Twitter and also the Israel Embassy in Washington DC.  An open letter has already been circulated, asking the champion defender of indigenous people’s rights in Canada, to cancel his gig and boycott Israel.  His show is already set for Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel, on July 17, 2014 in a show entitled “The Past, the Present and The Future with Neil Young and Crazy Horse.”

Truly, Young’s efforts to protect first nation people’s land would ring hollow if he chooses to play in violation of the boycott call by millions of Palestinians.




NOTES  https://twitter.com/IsraelinCanada/status/423466405158084611